The road is long…

A lonely man. Two steps forward, one step back. To the left, to the right.

One long road. Cars passes by. Fast, slow, driving home

A lonely man on the pavement. Two steps forward, three back. To the right, to the left…and repeat…

The road is long and keeps getting longer and longer. For a lonely man in the night.


Cafè mood

Saturday mood.

All by herself with just the company of a hot cup of coffee
Hearing the muted sounds from the cafés kitchen
Music on the stereo, something smooth

Slowing down, enjoying life – and the day as it is!


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#Joe&TheJuice #Copenhagen #Denmark


Standing at the top of the bridge, watching trains pass by.



København, november 2013, står på toppen av bruen og ser togene haste forbi

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